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Business Plan Software

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Business plans are required to create a successful cannabis business and when applying for your state license. By using business plan software with specific tools and information, it accelerates the process and takes a fraction of the time to develop comprehensive plans. You and your team can whip through a series of professional plans to add insight, creativity, and ultimately, success.

Project Management Software

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Starting a cannabis business such as a marijuana dispensary, it takes a team to strategically coordinate everyone involved and to ensure they are executing their tasks. A pre-configured project management software is provided with all the steps to successfully opening your business or securing your state license. Being combined with the Business Plan editor everyone will stay on target directly with the content that is being developed.

Cannabis Resource Library

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The Cannabis Resource Library is a databank full of categorized content related to the specific license type you are developing. Tools within the library work with the business plan editor, giving the user features such as drag and drop options to quickly build content for the business plans.

Dashboards and Reporting

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Dashboards are used to manage all projects and tasks associated with each member of your team. This gives you a easily manageable view to ensure your projects are completed on time, every time. Graphs and reporting tools let you put together presentations in a flash.

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